SIOR President's COVID-19 Update

 April 3, 2020


We’re now receiving and reading more digital communication than ever before. SIOR has developed resources to streamline this information and deliver valuable CRE-related COVID news, easily and quickly. The COVID-19 & CRE: What You Should Knowwebpage delivers a collection of industry resources to help you stay informed of how SIOR and others are handling this crisis. SIOR has also added a special edition of SIOR Weekly, focused solely on CRE-related COVID news, delivered each Tuesday. Overall readership for the e-newsletter is higher than ever! Finally, SIOR continues to deliver top-notch original educational content, with up-to-date editorial surrounding the latest news.


Our communications output has never been stronger, and our communications with one another has never been better. We’re seeing the greatest engagement online ever! Member groups and MySIOR communities are thriving and providing a wonderful resource for questions, advice, and camaraderie. SIOR Central, the all-member open forum, has seen a 54% increase in discussions since this time last year.


This is great news as we have found a way to strengthen our networking online amidst the unfortunate need to cancel TransACT 360. We’re now turning our focus to additional ways we can support our members through virtual learning and networking, while, remaining optimistic we’ll all have the opportunity to come together again at CREate 360, in Boston this Fall.


I’m proud to say that we’ve also stepped up to provide assistance and guidance in these times of need. Our newly launched Community Assistance and Relief in Emergencies (CARE) program is a great example of how we can unite and do our part to support our clients and our communities. To date we’ve received five public requests and reached out individually in two different cases. I encourage you to reach out in your chapters to encourage responses and participation. We also have resources available for messaging your local members, organizations in need, and your local media.
The media attention we’ve received from CARE has been excellent. More than a dozen outlets across the globe have highlighted the CARE program, with more coverage continuing. Interviews, webinars, and podcasts are increasingly prevalent. Please continue to reach out to the communities you serve to offer our services.


We want to know what you are hearing in your chapters and conditions in your markets. When you have a moment to breathe, please reach out and let me know. Even just to touch base with ways SIOR can assist through this turbulent time, or suggestions for our post-pandemic world. I am here, as is our SIOR HQ team.


Let’s continue to support one another. Let’s stay engaged online and make sure we’re connecting and engaging our members and colleagues. Of course, as you do, please remember to stay safe.


Keep smiling (be positive).
Mark J. Duclos, SIOR, CRE, FRICS
SIOR Global President